Zhytomyr National Agroecological University

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About the University: 

Established in 1922, Zhytomyr National Agroecological University is a public university located in the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr, and the only university with national status in the Zhytomyr Oblast. Zhytomyr National Agroecological University has around seven thousand students divided into eight faculties: agronomy, technology of animal production and processing, veterinary medicine, agricultural engineering and energetics, ecology and law, forestry, accounting and finance, and economics and management, and offers degrees at bachelor's, master's and doctoral level. Zhytomyr Oblast is the main center of the Polish minority in Ukraine, and in the city of Zhytomyr there is a Latin Catholic cathedral and a large Roman Catholic Polish cemetery, founded in 1800. It is regarded as the third biggest Polish cemetery outside Poland, after the Lychakivskiy Cemetery in Lviv and Rasos Cemetery in Vilnius.

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